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1 IMG 9317In 1984, Christoph earned a Physics diploma from Friedrich-Alexander-University of Erlangen, Germany. Since then he has been working with Bosch in Reutlingen in semiconductor engineering. Christoph’s main experience is in designing, testing, qualifying, reliability testing, and analyzing of customer semiconductor complaints. 2005 is when he first focused on EOS: Trying to understand EOS, to find clusters of root causes and to learn from the customers` environment. Christoph published the ZVEI white paper "First-Mate-Last-Break: Introduction of Extended Ground Pins in Automotive Industry" in 2011. www.zvei.org/first-mate-last-break, available in nine languages.

Married for more than 35 years, Christoph and his wife Claudia have three grown children. They love to be out in nature and Christoph often likes to take pictures, especially close ups of small animals and whatsoever.

Christoph is a member of WG24 - EOS and a core contributing member to the Industry Council "White Paper 4 Understanding Electrical Overstress - EOS" which has now been released and is available on the ESDA website at www.esda.org/index.php/about-esd/white-papers/.  One of Christoph’s projects is to communicate more, so he tries to share his learned knowledge in discussion groups and seminars. He says, "This is a little bit challenging, because there is not enough time. Customers always come first!"

"Being part of the EOS/ESD Association and working group discussions has helped to better understanding EOS problems and its relationships of details."

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