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Bas Grootemaat

BAS Grootemaat 1Bas served as 1st Officer in the Dutch Royal Air  Force in Arms & Electronics (B&E Sq). Following his service, he started in the ranks at Xerox were He had several different positions, but the position which first brought him in contact with the ESD phenomena was as supervisor of the failure analysis lab. The first measurements were done under the scanning electron microscope to find out what the problem was in the failing devices. You may guess…ESD. It took a long time to fully understand these phenomena with all the ins and outs of that time.

Later on after a change to Digital Equipment Company (DEC) Bas became much more involved in ESD related issues as leader of the failure analysis and corrective tactics (FACT) group. In this position he had his first experience in writing/reviewing ESD standards, somewhere in the early 80’s. It was the company standard DEC67. There is still mention of this standard flying around in ESD courses (35 years old, amazing).

For the past 15 years, Bas has been with Kingsize Consultancy as a QE consultant, with main activities as an ESD consultant, measurements, auditing, and training.

Bas has been a member as well as chairman of the Dutch EMC/ESD Association, chairman of the national team NEC101, and member of the IEC TC101 reviewing/commenting on standards for both IEC as well as ESDA.  He has also been a volunteer in the technical program teams and mentor for the ESDA European symposium for manufacturing issues.

Bas has been married for 40 years.  He and his wife Maria have three daughters and a granddaughter. His hobbies include: playing the violin in all kind of settings together with Maria on the cello. He likes to make a weekly run of about 10 km to remain healthy.

It was via DEC colleagues that Bas first came in contact with EOS/ESD Association and saw his first proceedings and later the standards documents.

Due to his work as a volunteer, Bas discovered other aspects of ESD and found out how difficult it is to write good documents, especially in the case of global documents were interpretation of words can be different.

"It’s great to do voluntary work with ESDA, it’s a win, win, win. No longer on your own, sharing knowledge and challenges, working globally, and last but not least meeting friends…, many friends. Seeing the age of many of my ESD colleagues and myself around the globe, it is apparent they stay and stay, working in and with EOS/ESD Association; looks like it is a healthy disease."

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