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Andrew Murello

andy murelloThe Volunteer Spotlight during January and February is proud to spotlight Andrew Murello. Andy is a Retired Packaging Engineer, who has been affiliated with ESDA since the early 1980’s.

Professional information

In 1981, while working for RCA, Andy was made manager of the Packaging of Semiconductors for all RCA Plants. During his time as manager, Andy became a member of the Packaging Electronic Products (PEPS) committee out of the EIA in Washington DC. This is when Andy first became a member of the ESD Association.

When Andy became Chairman of the PEPS committee and chaired the sub committee on ESD, the ESD committee completed the first industry ESD standard for packaging of electronic devices EIA 541. It was then requested that the ESD committee become the first members of the Standards committee for the ESDA. In 1984 Les Avery from RCA Labs and Andy wrote a Paper on testing semiconductor shipping tubes which was present by Andy at that year’s Symposium.

In 2006 Andy was presented with the ESDA Presidents Award. The President’s award is presented in recognition of significant contributions, leadership and management that has enhanced our operations and effectiveness in serving industry and our organization.

In the early 1980s Andy volunteered to work on the activities committee at the EOS/ESD symposium and worked on that committee until the early 2000’s.

“I have never worked with a finer group of dedicated people as in this association.” In 1988 because of his association with the many vendors and experience in working with many of the starting members of the association Andy was asked to become the information person and Hospitality Chairman at each symposium.