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EOS/ESD Association Certified Professional-Device Design

This certification was created for device design engineers.
Device Design Certified Professionals

Benefits to the Individual

  • Demonstrates knowledge, experience, and competency.
  • Encourages self-development and continuing education.
  • A check mark in the "plus" column in performance reviews, career advancement, and new employment opportunities.

Benefits to Employers and Industry

  • Helps raise the overall competency level of the entire ESD control field.
  • Provides a means to assess the qualifications of personnel hired to work in static control.
  • Helps assure that the industry has properly trained and qualified personnel helping solve ESD control problems.
  • Helps prepare companies for ISO 9000 audits if professional certification is part of a company's formal program.
  • Improves seller-buyer relationships through better communication with fewer misunderstandings.


Registration: Begin official file with EOS/ESD Association, Inc. headquarters to obtain certification, you must initiate an official file in your name at EOS/ESD Association, Inc. headquarters, please complete the PDF registration form and send it with a $50 payment. Registration Form PDF

Complete pre-requisite courses: listed below

Pass an in-depth examination. The examination will be held annually during Symposium week. The examination will consist of multiple choice and essay questions. The essay portion of the exam will be graded by two individuals. The examination is open book. You may bring any reference materials, including, but not limited to, books, standards, and tutorial notes. You may also bring a calculator and computer. No cell phones, internet connections, or sharing of reference material is allowed.

EOS/ESD Association, Inc. offers the ESD Certified Professional-Device Design certification exam in conjunction with our annual symposium. To enroll in this program an official registration filing fee of $50.00 and a registration form must be completed and submitted to ESDA Headquarters. You must have taken all of the required courses and have your eligibility verified by EOS/ESD Association, Inc.

PLEASE NOTE: An exam fee of $60 will be applicable and must be paid on-site. Note: If passing criteria is not met for one or more sections, you will need to attend the applicable tutorials before retaking the exam.

Maintain certification with continuing education There is a requirement to take additional classes to maintain certification. An annual renewal fee of $100 is required, accompanied by a letter that lists the continuing education completed.

Required Minimum Pre-requisite Courses
The following courses are offered every year at Symposium and at other times throughout the year. If an attendee completed these courses in 2004 or after, they may be applied to the Device Design Certification.

The courses are listed in the preferred tutorial sequence for the Device Design Curriculum.

To view course abstracts please visit https://www.esda.org/training-and-education/esda-tutorials/.

  • DD102: On-chip ESD Protection in RF Technologies (half-day)
  • DD110: ESD Basics to Advanced Protection Design (half-day)
  • DD112: Latch-up Fundamentals or: Latch-up Physics and Design (quarter-day)
  • DD120: Device Testing--Component Level: HBM, CDM, MM, and TLP (half-day)
  • DD130: System Level ESD/EMI: Testing to IEC and other Standards (half-day)
  • DD200: Charged Device Model Phenomena, Design, and Modeling (quarter-day)
  • DD211: EOS/ESD Failure Models and Mechanisms (half-day)
  • DD220: Transmission Line Pulse (TLP) Basics and Applications (half-day)
  • DD301: SPICE-Based ESD Protection Design Utilizing Diodes and Active MOSFET Rail Clamp Circuits (half-day)
  • DD300: Circuit-Level Modeling and Simulation of On-Chip Protection (quarter-day)
  • DD302: Troubleshooting On-Chip ESD Failures (half-day)
  • DD311: Impact of Technology Scaling on ESD High Current Phenomena and Implications for Robust ESD Design (half-day)

For further information, please contact EOS/ESD Association, Inc. at 315-339-6937 or e-mail: info@esda.org.