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EOS/ESD Association Device Stress Testing Certification

Device Stress Testing CertificationA Winning Certification Program for Both You and Your Company!

DeviceTestingCertificationlogoThe ESD Device Stress Testing Certification is intended for individuals who are involved in ESD or Latch-up stress testing ranging from qualification to TLP testing for ESD development. This certification ensures that a person has the latest information on the ESD standards used in industry along with an overview of the technical background to perform the tests or understand the testing results. In addition to learning the recommended test methodologies a person will be exposed to common pitfalls in interpreting the standards and applying it to the testing procedures used in the lab. The ESD Device Stress Testing Certification program requires the completion of ten, one hour, online courses; eight required courses and two electives.

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The Device Stress Testing (DST) Certification offered through ESDA has many benefits for both the employee and their company:

  • Complete program/certification offered online, saves travel costs for your company
  • Courses are developed and instructed by industry professionals who are directly involved in developing the ESD/Latch-up stress testing standards
  • Device stress testing certification guarantees current and up to date standards knowledge which will improve first time right testing
  • Good publicity to your ESD/Latch-up stress testing lab customers showing test engineers and technicians are certified in device testing
  • Employees who complete the online DST certification will gain knowledge concerning ESD/Latch-up stress testing, ESD/Latch-up failure isolations, all which will save your company time to market and overall cost savings.

The cost of DST certification is 10 to 13 hours of certification training for as little as $1755 plus a registration fee of $50, which is much less than the cost of retesting one ESD/Latch-up stress testing job due to incorrect zapping/testing conditions. To maintain certification there are continuing education requirements and a $100 per year renewal fee.

  • No other ESD/Latch-up stress testing program is offered in the Semiconductor Industry specifically for the ESD/Latch-up test engineer/technician.

Courses are $195 each - or - $1,755 for a bundle of ten


The ESD Device Stress Testing Certification program requires the completion of ten, one hour, online courses; eight required courses and two electives.

  • Begin official file with ESD Association Headquarters (complete program registration form prior to beginning classes)
  • Complete required courses
  • Maintain certification with continuing education

Required online Courses

  • ESD Fundamentals I for Stress Testing
  • ESD Fundamentals II for Stress Testing
  • High Speed Digital Oscilloscope Fundamentals
  • HBM & MM Testing Essentials
  • CDM Testing Essentials
  • Essentials for Controlling the ESD Work Area
  • Fundamentals of Failure Analysis
  • Advanced HBM – Dealing with Tester Parasitics, High Pin Count and Two Pin Testing

Elective Courses

  • TLP Fundamentals – Understanding the Equipment Options and IV Data
  • Fundamentals of System Level Testing
  • Latchup Testing and Troubleshooting
  • VF-TLP, An Introduction to Capabilities and Applications
  • HMM – System Level Testing of Components
  • ESD Test Simplification with Approved Sampling Methods in HBM

Certification Renewal Class:

  • Device Stress Testing standards update

Continuing Education

After successfully completing the required prerequisites and selected elective courses, you will be required to attend a standards update refresher course every two years and a tutorial of your choice on the alternating years. A $100 annual renewal fee, and the above mentioned refresher class is required to maintain certification.

Registration Form

Device Stress Testing Certification Registration Form (PDF)

For further information, please contact EOS/ESD Association, Inc. at 315-339-6937 or e-mail: info@esda.org.