Job Description

The Corporate Process Reliability group at Intersil Corporation is looking for a new college graduate in Electrical Engineering with educational experience in analog circuits and semiconductor devices. The chosen candidate will learn three key functions within the Technology Development Group: ESD design and characterization, wearout structure design and characterization, and device layout and modeling. The chosen candidate will support these three functions through design and electrical characterization of test structures and circuits blocks.

Job Responsibilities

  1.  ESD Development and Testing
    1. ESD test chip design and layout
    2. TLP and vf-TLP setup and testing
    3. HBM/MM ESD testing
  2. Electrical Characterization
    1. Leakage and Capacitance Characterization of ESD
    2. Burn-in and radiation effect testing
    3. Programming and automation of lab based instruments and testers
  3. Test chip schematic and layout design
  4. Compact modeling of semiconductor devices

Job Qualifications

  1. Bachelors/Masters in EE with emphasis in analog circuits and semiconductor devices
  2. Hands on experience with lab electronic equipment including but not limited to: semiconductor parameter analyzers (SPA), source measure units (SMU), curve tracers, oscilloscopes, pulse generators, and power supplies
  3. Experience bread-boarding and building experimental circuits
  4. SPICE Circuit Simulation; Cadence Virtuoso a plus
  5. Software programming experience; instrument control and automation a plus
  6. Exposure to IC layout tools; Cadence Virtuoso a plus