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Terry Welsher

Dangelmayer Associates, LLC.,

Terry is a member of the Technical and Administration Support Committee, Standards Committee, Education Committee, the Education Council, and the Marketing and Communication Committee. He also serves as Co-Chair on the JEDEC/ESDA HBM Joint WG. Terry joined EOS/ESD Association, Inc. in 1986 and previously served as President, President Emeritus, Vice President, General Chairman of the Symposium, and was active on Symposium Committees. He is a member of JWG HBM (5.1), JWG CDM (5.3.1), WG 5.4, WG 5.5, WG 17, WG 21 Flat Panel, WG 23.0 EOS BP, WG 24 - EOS, and WG 25 – CBE.