Ann Concannon Edited 1

Ann Concannon

Texas Instruments, Symposium Vice General Chair

Ann Concannon (PhD 1996, Tyndall Institute, Ireland) is a Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Texas Instruments, working in the Analog ESD group, where she contributes to the corporate-level goals of improving design execution. She works with development teams, design teams and external customers to engage early on ESD, Latch-Up & device robustness challenges on projects with high visibility on execution and revenue opportunities.  


Ann was elected onto the ESDA Board of Directors in 2018, and has been involved in the Academic and Publications committee since then. During the course of this term, Ann has been part of the campaign, led by Charvaka Duvvury to get ESD included in the EE curriculum in Universities; with outreach to targeted universities globally.  Ann co-founded the Bay Area ESD Associated Group in 2019 with Alan Righter, where they have hosted multiple events to bring the local ESD engineers together to learn what’s happening in the different working groups, standards and to learn from each other.


Ann's involvement in the ESD Association started with participation in the annual ESD/EOS symposium and IEW. As subcommittee chair for the symposium in 2011, she was awarded the TPC outstanding contribution award. In 2015 Ann was the TPC chair for IEW; and the following year was the acting TPC chair for IEW on behalf of an indisposed colleague. Starting in 2018 and 2019, Ann was the Audio-Visual co-chair for the ESD/EOS Symposium, and subsequently in 2020 the workshop chair, helping to co-ordinate the hybrid event. Currently, Ann is the TPC chair for the 2021 symposium.