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Technical Reports (Cost: $5 members, $10 non-members)
ESD TR1.0-01-01 Survey of Constant (Continuous) Monitors for Wrist Straps
Authors: B. Beamer, Static Control Components; D. Boehm, Novx Corporation; J. Brodbeck, USAF; L. Burich, Lockheed Martin; C. Checketts, Motorola; S. Koehn, 3M; J. Mann, Protective Solutions; J. Salisbury, Semtronics
11 Pages; Available
(formerly TR12-01)
ESD TR2.0-01-00 Consideration for Developing ESD Garment Specifications
Author: G. Baumgartner, ESD West Consulting
30 Pages; Available
(formerly TR05-00)
ESD TR2.0-02-00 Static Electricity Hazards of Triboelectrically Charged Garments
Author: M. Manders, United States Air Force
8 Pages; Available
(formerly TR06-00)
ESD TR3.0-01-02 Alternate Techniques for Measuring Ionizer Offset Voltage and Discharge Time
Authors: Richard Rodrigo, Simco; Arnold Steinman, Ion Systems; Merle Weight, Unisys; Donn Bellmore, Universal Instruments; Tim Jarrett, Boston Scientific; Carl Newberg, River’s Edge; Dale Parkin, IBM; Donn Pritchard, Trek; Jeff Salisbury, Semtronics; Julius Turangan, Western Digital
11 Pages; Available
(formerly TR13-02)
ESD TR3.0-02-05 Selection and Acceptance of Air Ionizers
Authors: Rick Rodrigo, Simco; Donn Bellmore,
Universal Instruments Corp.; Timothy Jarrett, Boston Scientific; Niels Jonassen, Technical University of
Denmark; Carl Newberg, MicroStat Laboratories;
Maciej Noras, Trek, Inc.; Dale Parkin, IBM; Jeff
Salisbry, Seagate Technology; Arnold Steinman, Ion
Systems, Inc; Julius Turangan, Western Digital
17 pages; Available
(formerly ADV3.2-1995)
ESD TR4.0-01-02 Survey of Worksurfaces and Grounding Mechanisms
Authors: Dale Parkin, IBM; Ryne Allen, Desco; Brent Beamer, Static Control Components; Julius Brodbeck, USAF; Larry Burich, Lockheed Martin; Tim Jarrett, Boston Scientific; Steve Koehn, 3M; Mike Manders, USAF; Dennis Rivers, Denclare Technologies; Bill Ricker, Kewaunee Scientific
16 pages; Available
(formerly TR15-02)
ESD TR5.2-01-01 Machine Model (MM) Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Investigation - Reduction in Pulse Number and Delay Time

Authors: M. Kelly, Delphi Delco Electronics; J. Mick, Intel Corporation; M. Chaine, Micron Technology; B. Carey, Agere Systems

(formerly TR10-01)

ESD TR5.3.2-01-00 Socket Device Model (SDM) Tester
Authors: Working Group 5.3.2, Socket Device Model, ESD Association
22 Pages; Available
(formerly TR08-00)
ESD TR5.4-01-00 Transient Induced Latch-Up (TLU)
Authors: Working Group 5.4, Transient Latch-Up, ESD Association
27 Pages; Available
(formerly TR09-00)
ESD TR5.4-02-08 Determination of CMOS Latch-up Susceptibility - Transient Latch-up - Technical Report No. 2  
Authors: Working Group 5.4, Transient Latch-Up, ESD Association 65 pages; Available
ESD TR5.5-01-08 Transmission Line Pulse (TLP)
Authors:  Working Group 5.5, Transmission Line Pulse, ESD Association
39 pages; Available
ESD TR5.5-02-08 Transmission Line Pulse Round Robin
Authors:  Working Group 5.5, Transmission Line Pulse, ESD Association
23 pages; Available
ESD TR5.6-01-09 Human Metal Model (HMM)
Authors:  Working Group 5.6, Human Metal Model, ESD Association 
15 pages; Available
ESD TR10.0-01-02 Measurement and ESD Control Issues for Automated Equipment Handling of ESD Sensitive Devices Below 100 Volts
Authors: Joe Bernier, Intersil; Tom Albano, Eastman Kodak; Don Boehm, Dou Yee Enterprises; John Kinnear, IBM; Donn Pritchard, Trek, Inc.; Craig Zander, Restronics; Donn Bellmore, Universal Instruments; Brent Howard, Shuttleworth; Charles Perry, Monroe Electronics; Arnold Steinman, ION Systems
11 Pages; Available
(formerly TR14-02)
ESD TR13.0-01-99 EOS Safe Soldering Iron Requirements
Authors: G. Baumgartner, Lockheed Martin Missiles & Space – Retired, ESD West Consulting; Jack S. Smith, Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Center
19 Pages; Available
(formerly TR04-99)
ESD TR14.0-01-00 Calculation of Uncertainty Associated with Measurement of Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) Current
Authors: Working Group 14, Simulators, ESD Association
18 Pages; Available
(formerly TR07-00)
ESD TR15.0-01-99 ESD Glove and Finger Cots
Author: E.W. Chase, ETS, Inc.
10 Pages; Available
(formerly TR03-99)
ESD TR50.0-01-99 Can Static Electricity Be Measured?
Author: Niels Jonassen, Technical University of Denmark
36 Pages; Available
(formerly TR01-99)
ESD TR50.0-02-99 High Resistance Ohmmeters--Voltage Measurements
Authors: Steve Gerken, USAF; Ron Gibson, Celestica International; John Kinnear, IBM

3 Pages; Available
(formerly TR02-99)

ESD TR50.0-03-03 Voltage and Energy Susceptible Device Concepts, Including Latency Considerations
Author: Ben Baumgartner, ESD West Consulting
26 Pages; Available
(formerly TR16-03)
ESD TR55.0-01-04 Electrostatic Guidelines and Considerations for Cleanrooms and Clean Manufacturing
Authors: T. Albano, Eastman Kodak; B. Baumgartner, ESD West; D. Bellmore, Universal Instrument; R. Benson, Clarient Technologies; D. Boehm, Novx; E. Davis, Vidaro Corporation; V. Gross, IBM; J. Hamlin, Qualcom; K. Kim, BF Goodrich SCP; W. Metz, Hewlett Packard; C. Newberg, River’s Edge Technical Service; J. Salisbury, Semtronics Corporation; A. Steinman, Ion Systems; G. Williams, Semtronics Corporation
26 Pages; Available
(formerly TR11-04)

Compliance Verification and Technical Report

(Cost: Hardcopy - $75 members, $105 non-members; Electronic - $100 members, $130 non-members)

ESD TR53-01-06 Compliance Verification of ESD Protective Equipment and Materials

Authors: Timothy Jarrett, Boston Scientific; Eugene Chase, Electro-Tech Systems; Cheryl Checketts, General Dynamics; Melissa Feeney-Jolliff, Aerospace Corp.; Gene Felder, Desco Industries; Bill Ricker, Ricker Engineering Services; Jeff Salisbury, Seagate Technology; Sarah Smith, Walker Forge; Fred Tenzer, Desco Industries
28 Pages; Available

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