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Education is the ESD Association's first priority. By actively sponsoring and encouraging various educational programs and activities, the Association provides ESD professionals with the knowledge and tools needed to meet the challenges of ESD in their companies. For example, the Association co-sponsors regional tutorials with local chapters, conducts a national tutorial and education seminar in conjunction with the annual EOS/ESD Symposium, and publishes and distributes numerous educational materials on ESD.

2014 ERC Advanced ESD Research Proposal

ERC Funding Committee (IBM, Cisco, TSMC and the ESDA) has selected the following four advanced research (AR) topics as areas of key interest.

  • AR1: ESD protection of 2.5D & 3D ICs: from assembly to final product IC
  • AR2: A Unified CDM Model for IO Designs – Phase 2 
  • AR3: Latent semiconductor ESD damage and its effect on long term reliability
  • AR4: Semiconductor CDM current measurement and simulation

Please send an email to by June 14th, 2014, indicating that you intend to apply for the Advanced Research Grant.

All final applications must be received by July 31th 2014

Proposal Submission Instructions


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The Industry Council is an independent Institution focused on target levels of ESD component testing, applying the HBM, MM and CDM standards. RoadmapLIFBtw

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