ESD Compliance Posters

The ESD Association has developed a collection of ESD Compliance Posters for use in Electrostatic Protected Areas.

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EPA wristrap Wriststraps2

EPA Area

CP2-Japanese pdf
CP2-Korean pdf

Wrist Strap Test Reminder

CP3-Japanese pdf
CP3-Korean pdf

Workstation Wrist Strap Reminder

CP4-Japanese pdf
CP4-Korean pdf

Footwear Test Reminder

CP5-Japanese pdf
CP5-Korean pdf

Workstation Footwear Reminder

CP6-Japanese pdf
CP6-Korean pdf


CP1 - 11X17
Do's and Don'ts

CP1-Japanese pdf
CP1-Korean pdf


High quality laminated compliance posters are also available:
(also available in Japanese and Korean)

Order # CP1-11X17 Do's and Don'ts (CP1J Japanese)(CP1K Korean)
Order # CP2-11X14 EPA Area (CP2J Japanese)(CP2K Korean)
Order # CP3-11X14 Wrist Strap Test Reminder (CP3J Japanese)(CP3K Korean)
Order # CP4-11X14 Workstation Wrist Strap Reminder (CP4J Japanese)(CP4K Korean)
Order # CP5-11X14 Footwear Test Reminder (CP5J Japanese)(CP5K Korean)
Order # CP6-11X14 Workstation Footwear Reminder (CP6J Japanese)(CP6K Korean)
Per poster $10.00

Order the complete set and save!
Order # CPSET-All 6 Compliance Posters (CPSET-J Japanese) (CPSET-K Korean)
Complete set of 6 posters $50.00

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