Local and Student Chapters

The activities of local chapters and student chapters provide both educational and networking opportunities on a regular basis. Participating in local chapters and student chapters provides opportunities to discuss common problems with others who have similar experiences.

As they bring ESD awareness and knowledge to their local areas, these chapters supplement and expand the ESD Association's effort and become strong allies in the overall mission of the ESD Association. Local/Student chapters provide opportunities for more frequent activities and programs at the local level, including regular meetings, facility tours, networking, and regional ESD tutorials. Starting a local chapter or a student chapter can be a very rewarding and educating experience. Getting people together from the EOS/ESD industry or academia in your area can develop a whole new awareness of ESD issues and solutions. Regular chapter meetings provide a  continuous exchange of information, making the annual symposium, sponsored by the ESD Association, that much more rewarding.


 How to start a Local Chapter

Local Chapters  

Chengdu China Student Chapter
Indian Chapter
Korea Chapter
North Central Chapter
Northeast Chapter

Silicon Valley EOS/ESD Society
Texas Chapter


The Industry Council is an independent Institution focused on target levels of ESD component testing, applying the HBM, MM and CDM standards. Roadmap LIFBtw

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